We evoke open dialogue. We listen before we talk and we ask the questions that need to be asked.

The development of our employees is the driving force behind T-Mobile’s success. Challenging them to improve a little bit each day is good for both their personal ánd our company’s ambitions.

For this, we continuously support employees to reflect on their own contribution and development.

The key question for them is: Is your work valuable for yourself and for the organisation?

As a manager, you are able to answer this key question for all of your employees at any given moment.

Performance management is not just about annual, formal conversations anymore.

It is about evoking a continuous, open dialogue about contributions and development. This dialogue can also take place in formal meetings, but just as well in informal conversations during lunch or coffee breaks.

On this page you find the basic principles of great conversations and an elaborate FAQ based on our reviews with managers last year.